Team Takedown is an elite Fighter Management Company established in March of 2007.  The TTD partners are Ted Ehrhardt, Doug Ehrhardt, Tim McBride, Randy Ensch,  Rick Bennett and Randy Bennett. Ted Ehrhardt acts as the Managing Partner.  

TTD Fighter’s roster includes UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks, UFC Heavyweight Jared Rosholt, UFC Featherweight Chas Skelly and up and comer Chris Feist .

The concept of Team Takedown has existed within the hearts and minds of the founders of this company for some time now. Team Takedown is a product of the strong belief and desire to create a fighter management company that redefines the current level of industry standards. The basic foundation of this organization begins with an elite management team, in addition to an elite fighter team. The combination of the two resulting in Team Takedown…an entity destined for success.

Team Takedown’s commitment is to recruit top elite wrestlers in the country. This process is multifaceted to assure not only a superior athlete, but also one  of good character, morals, and integrity. The next step is to provide a positive environment that enables our athletes to focus completely on the various disciplines associated with professional fighting. Team Takedown equips each fighter on an individual basis with the finest training available in mixed martial arts, with the ultimate goal of producing CHAMPION professional fighters. Along the way, providing a platform for which the fighter’s can showcase their progress and talents, while promoting their professional fighting career with the support of  Team Takedown’s  management team.

The size of Team Takedown’s roster is most definitely not a concern.  The old saying “quality…not quantity” applies perfectly to the dream we are determined to make a reality.

All involved with Team Takedown, including the owners,  management team and the fighters strive relentlessly and passionately with the common vision of producing future champion fighters.


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