Duo Debuts Get the W

Chris Holdsworth & Chris Feist made their pro debuts this past weekend at XKO8 at The Gym in Arlington, Texas. Both are managed by Team TakeDown Fighters Management Inc. It was a successful  evening with Holdsworth and Feist getting the BIG W to start off their professional careers in the right direction.

A Big Shout Out to their fight sponsors:
Magnolia Motor Lounge
SYB Construction
Better Health Market
Spray Insulation Industries
Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu
ATI Career Training

Randy Villarreal (3-1) versus Christopher Holdsworth (pro-debut) at 135 pounds
Fight Recap:
Villarreal controls the cage and distance with great footwork and clean boxing. A scramble for position sees Holdsworth, the Marc Laimon BJJ black belt, into a more favorable ground game. Holdsworth blankets Villareal, and wraps him in a body triangle. He constricts his hold of Villarreal and sinks in a rear naked choke. Holdsworth wins his pro-debut by submission at 2:09 in round one.


Jason Painter (2-2) versus Chris Feist (pro-debut) at 185 pounds
Fight Recap:
The sprier Feist started the fight with a number of takedown attempts and is nearly caught in a guillotine as Painter sprawls and stuffs the shots. Fiest connects well on the scramble with some nice boxing combinations and Painter works over Feist with some knees in the clinch while against the cage. Painter’s nose is opened up towards the end of the first round. Painter works the front leg of Feist with Thai kicks at the commencement of round two. Feist lands a backhand that drops his opponent. The third round sees Feist picking up his boxing game with smooth punching and an impressive double leg takedown. The fighters were gassed on the ground and eventually stood up by the referee. Feist finished the round the stronger fighter and wins by unanimous decision.





About JanetJenkins

I am all about Team TakeDown Fighters. I've been on the TTD Management Team since day one, when it was conceived in March 2007. You name it and I do it.
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One Response to Duo Debuts Get the W

  1. dennis envik says:

    hey chris, congrats on your first win…i really like following u and jake’s career. thanks for the team take down tee shirt. please ask Janet Jenkins if she would email me any news on u and jake, ie. fights on tv or internet live feed, up and coming dates, results ect. i can just imagine how proud your mon and dad are. i did security at the music festival for years. we use to sit around and talk about u boys all the time. keep me posted, dennis envik

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